Eye Brows

Here at Karis Hairdressing, we are so exited to finally be able to introduce the luxury treatment of High Definition eye brows into the salon.

It consists of 7 steps to create the perfect brows for you: First of all we start with a complimentary detailed consultation done by our brow specialist, followed by the arts of waxing,Tinting,Threading,Trimming, Tweezing and finally using our brow pallet to finish the defined look.

Recent Article in the Nottingham Post Featuring Magali Gidoin At Karis Hairdressing

They are suitable for almost everyone , if we feel high definition brows are not for you, we can recommend another treatment such as a brow tint or brow wax.

Whether you would like a complete transformation or you just simply want to improve your eyebrow shape? High definition eyebrows are affordable, quick (45 min) & easy to maintain yourself at home.

We recommend you keep on top of them by having them done every 4-5 weeks. This will depend on how quick your brow hairs grow back and how well they hold the colour.

*A patch test is required 48 hours prior to a treatment.

Brow Services: Tint £10
Eye Brow Wax £10
High Definition Eye Brows £26