Afro Caribbean Hairdressing

It can be difficult to find a hairdresser that you feel you can trust with your hair but here at Karis Hairdressing you can rest assured that you are in very qualified and experienced hands.

Here at Karis Hairdressing we recognise that every hair type & texture is different and each client requires their own personal experience in the salon. Therefore we take time to do a thorough consultation and can recommend specialised treatments for your hair type as well as give you a cut that’s perfect for you.

If you would like to relax the curl or wave in your hair we offer the specialist treatments which will straighten and loosen your curls in order to create a much longer and sleeker hair style. Contact us now to speak to a specialist from our team for more information and advice.

All Treatments Include Finish
Full Head Relaxer £60 £70
Root Relaxer £50 £60
*Conditioning Treatments
Moisturising £28 £33
Reconstructive £30 £35
Prescriptive £32 £37